Innovative Technology Deployment

About ITD

Empowering States to apply cutting-edge technology to the challenge of improving highway safety.

ITD funding and program support help States streamline implementation and improve data quality. Together, we improve efficiency to reduce crashes and increase safety.

Bridging the private and public sectors, FMCSA's Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) program accelerates States' capacity to adopt advanced, effective electronic enforcement tools for secure credentialing and screening of commercial motor carriers, vehicles, and drivers.

New to ITD?

Are you looking for information on how to implement ITD in your State? The ITD Team is currently updating the “ITD 101” presentation as an interactive course that will cover:

  • The goals of the program and how ITD improves safety.
  • The different levels at which States can participate in ITD, and what is required to reach each level.
  • How ITD facilitates information sharing between and among States and FMCSA to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

When it is complete, the ITD 101 course will be available on the Resource Center.

Core and Expanded ITD

The ITD program establishes requirements States must meet to participate. Once met, States can expand their ITD program.

Achieving core compliance means that a State has met all the requirements to implement the core elements of the ITD program.

Once achieved, there are steps the State must take to remain core compliant.

Core ITD States have the option to implement even more innovative technologies with Expanded ITD.