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FMCSA’s Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) program empowers States to apply cutting-edge technology to the challenge of improving highway safety. Together, we reduce CMV crashes, increase safety, and improve efficiency for all.

ITD Program Goals

ITD accelerates States’ capacity to adopt advanced, effective electronic tools for secure credentialing and screening of commercial motor carriers, vehicles, and drivers.

By supporting the implementation of effective technologies, FMCSA aims to:

  • Improve Safety and productivity of motor carriers, commercial vehicles, and their drivers.
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of commercial vehicle safety programs by using data to determine which carriers pose the greatest safety risk.
  • Improve security and sharing of commercial vehicle data within States and between States and FMCSA.
  • Simplify enforcement operations by automating data collection, transfer, and display.
  • Reduce costs associated with enforcing Federal and State safety regulations.
  • Achieve nationwide deployment of the program.
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What ITD Offers States

With ITD funding, expertise, and program support, States can streamline implementation and enforcement while improving data quality.

Grant Funding

To deploy, operate, and maintain innovative road safety technologies. Read more about ITD Grants.


To use electronic roadside screening and data integration to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Assessment and Guidance

To ensure State data transfer processes meet national standards.

Forums for Collaboration

To drive faster adoption of effective technologies.