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Innovative technology can improve road safety and enforcement activity. Every year, cutting-edge tools increase what’s possible.

ITD’s Role in Increasing Safety

By providing financial and technical assistance to deploy innovative technology, ITD is improving safety on our Nation’s roadways by focusing on these program priorities:

  • Deploying e-screening technology
  • Detecting Out-of-Service vehicles
  • Detecting Out-of-Service carriers
  • Sharing CMV parking availability
  • Reducing work zone crashes

In 2022, FMCSA awarded $37,769,531 in grant funding to 35 ITD projects:

  • 27 States deployed or planned new equipment and e-screening technology, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of roadside inspections.
  • 19 States added or began adding technology to detect vehicles with safety deficiencies serious enough that they should be taken off the road.
  • 13 States added or began adding technology to detect carriers who are operating despite an FMCSA out-of-service (OOS) order.
  • 4 States deployed or researched CMV parking notification systems.
  • 3 States built or are building work zone information systems and methods to reduce work zone crashes.

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