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Program Planning

The materials below are intended to assist States in planning and managing their ITD program.

Program Plan/Top Level Design

Completing and submitting the Program Plan/Top Level Design (PP/TLD) is required to be ITD Core Compliant and to be eligible for ITD grant funding.

ITD PP/TLD Template

Completing this document provides FMCSA with a high-level summary of your State’s ITD program plan.

View PP/TLD Template

PP/TLD Evaluation Checklist

This is a copy of the checklist the ITD Team will use to evaluate submitted PP/TLDs. This is available to States to use as they complete their PP/TLD.

View Evaluation Checklist

Maintaining Core Compliance

Once a State achieves ITD Core Compliance, they need to take steps to ensure they remain core compliant.

Core Compliance Monitoring Plan

This document summarizes the process the ITD Team uses to ensure that States maintain their ITD Core Compliant status. Maintaining ITD CORE compliance ensures State credentials, e-screening, and safety information is of the highest quality for use by roadside enforcement and credential administration personnel nationally in making decisions on Commercial Vehicle Operations compliance.

View Core Compliance Monitoring Plan

Other Resources

Inspection e-Screening Report FY 2024

States can use this report to identify the rate of inspections that have been completed in their State using e-screening technology, which is one of the core components of ITD.

View Inspection e-Screening Report