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Securely exchanging data between State CVIEWs and FMCSA’s SAFER database is the foundation of FMCSA’s ITD program.

Data Exchange: The Foundation of the ITD Program

FMCSA’s ITD program is possible because of the safety and credentialing data from States, Territories, and FMCSA. Having access to this comprehensive data allows States to conduct e-screenings at weigh stations, utilizing license plate readers, and more.

Because of this, ensuring that your State is set up to safely and securely exchange data with FMCSA, and ensuring that the data you send is complete and accurate, is vital to the success of the ITD Program nationwide.

To learn more about how to set up your State’s data exchange, visit the ITD System Infrastructure page.

FMCSA monitors ITD data quality and provides assistance and tools to States to support them in improving the quality of their data. Learn more about ITD Data Quality.

One way to monitor your States’ data quality is to query data from FMCSA’s SAFER system. Learn more about the data queries available to ITD States.